Monday, August 3, 2015

Outfit | Got munchies?

outfit, sponsored, doughnut print t-shirt, got munchies t-shirt, blue denim shorts, black lace up sandals flats, white gemstone statement earrings,

Hey loves! Happy Monday!
Hope you had a great weekend! We spent most of the weekend with my family. We visited my mom at work cause she needed our help with something so we took advantage and took some photos at her work place. Also the other day I received a package in the mail that was kindly sent to me for a review by the site called They are independent UK streetwear brand with firm roots in electronic dance music scene and with a strong focus on original design, premium quality and attention to detail. They invested in art of digital printing which led to some fabulous colorful designs. I chose this t-shirt with a doughnut print and "got munchies?" text on it. It looks so fun and interesting and it's so easy to wear and style. It fits my casual everyday style just right. When my little 5 year old niece saw it she sad to her younger sister : "Look Marija ate a piece of a doughnut" and the little one sad "... and she left some crumbs" ha ha ha, how adorable!!! I really like their message Dream but do not sleep, I'm always supporting the ones who are brave enough to chase for their dreams, but that also means that you have to work hard, right?! If you wanna check this t-shirt out I'll leave you the link - got-munchies-t-shirt
So if you are into streetwear t-shirts and sweatshirts with interesting prints you should definitely check them out, you just might find a cool piece for yourself or someone special ;)
Have a fab week!!! xo

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Beauty | Pastel pink and green nails

beauty, #beauty, nails, diy nails, natural nails, pastel nail polish, pastel pink nails, mint green nail polish

Hey guys! Happy august!!!
It's time for my nails!!! I haven't done them for a week now. I had to cut them short cause I broke one on my job, and I hate painting them when they are really short :/ But I tried to make it work, cause I just hate even more having them naked!!! This time I played with pastel nail polishes in pink and green (well it's kinda mint color). I love alternating colors between nails and even added one stripy one on each hand just for fun. Now they are so summery and bright just like I love!!! It makes me smile when I look at them, so I guess that's a plus.
Hope you find them inspirational!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Outfit | Lace up sandals

outfit, grey pencil skirt, black t-shirt, black lace up sandals flats, lindex sunglasses

Hey loves! Are you having a great week so far!?
I must confess my week was so so. I think is the weather, but I had such a terrible headache yesterday that I threw up three times. I can't remember last time I felt so bad. I usually have bad headaches, I think that's something I picked up from my parents, but throwing up so many times made it even harder! Oh well, my mum says it will pass when I get older, yeah like I'm twelve now ;) 
On to the outfit - I just bought the other day these black lace up sandals at Pull & Bear on sale, they were around $15 which is pretty good deal. I was looking for lace up sandals that I can wear daily so trendy lace up heels were not an option. Pared my lovely new sandals with pencil skirt and tied t-shirt, tied tee is my new kind of a crop top ;) if you don't have a crop top this is the easiest way to make one to fit you perfectly!!!
Well I hope you found this look inspirational!
Talk to you soon!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Outfit | Poppy red

outfit, white crop top, blue mirrored cat eye sunglasses, floral pants, purple flip flops flat sandals, michael kors watch

Hey loves! Happy Monday!
You know how I was telling you about the heat wave in my country during these last two weeks, well it finally cool down a little bit but they sad it will get hot again during next week :/ So this weekend we decided to install air conditioner in our apartment. We were suppose to do that long time ago but I guess we thought we won't need it!!!
Anyway the heat is not stopping us from going outside for an evening walk. It's really hard to choose what to wear when you just can't stop sweating like crazy!!! This time I wore a simple white crop top with my floral pants and some purple flip flops. Even wearing a bag bothers me, so I just put my phone in my hubbies pocket and off we go ;)
Have a wonderful week you guys!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Aisle Style | Special occasion dresses - bridesmaid dresses

aislestyle special occasion dresses

Hey guys!!! Are you having a fun or just relaxing weekend!? Mine is bit of both ;)
You know how I talked about wedding dresses, well no wedding can pass by without bridesmaids, mother of a bride, flower girl and guests right?! ;) That's why I'm gonna talk about site called Aisle Style dresses brides in 30 countries being an international leader in the sector in the past 20 years. They offer a diverse compilation of international crafted designer dresses, from glamorous, draped to lace ones. Whether you are looking for something elaborate or simple, reserved or bold, their Aisle Style dresses and gowns suit every age and style. Beside dressing brides they also offer other special occasion dresses. Here I'm showing you just a few of their bridesmaid dresses that caught my attention but I promise they have so many beautiful dresses that it's hard to choose just a few ;) Well I'm just one of those girly girls who love to browse through site watching pretty dresses. So what ever the occasion is you should check their site cause I bet you can find a perfect one for you.
Leaving you with direct links under the photos! Happy browsing and shopping!!! ;)